Tuesday, May 23, 2017

May Declutter, Day 23: 23 items, 275 total.

As promised, more of Sarah's clothes which either don't fit, she doesn't wear, or in a few cases, which have holes in places which aren't easily mended. Also, a few books from Alex's room, as his shelves are getting full and a shirt of mine which got stained with pen in the wash - I bought it in the sale last summer and have only worn it a couple of times because I'm never really sure if I like it or not. Guess that's a dilemma solved!

Monday, May 22, 2017

May Declutter, Day 22: 22 items, 253 total.

I found a stash of cross stitch patterns which I have stitched, which I hadn't yet got rid of - not sure if I will try to list them on eBay, for virtually no cost (or profits to charity?) or simply send them to a charity shop. But they will go soon. Otherwise, some old tea towels for scouts, some old tea (solid as a rock) for the bin, a colouring book for Year 6, a book for the charity shop and some clothes from Sarah's drawers which she doesn't wear (more of those coming up soon - we had a clear out of most of her drawers...)

Dinner, 22/5/17: Fajitas

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Book 43: Dead in the Water by Ann Granger

I've read a couple of different series by Ann Granger - the Mitchell & Markby books (not all of them, but quite a few) and the Fran Varady books (ditto) - I don't think this one lived up to either of those series, but it was ok. 

Dinner, 21/5/17: Hot Dogs, wedges, salad

World's most exciting dinner! But Olivia is out, Geoff is away and Sarah, Alex and I didn't feel like anything requiring effort.

May Declutter, Day 21: 21 items, 231 total

Another mixed bag (as is increasingly the case): a DVD we watched but won't watch again, a very old train pass photo, a bunch of extraneous cables and corded mice (we all use cordless now, or track pads), my favourite boots, where the zip is now broken beyond repair (sob) and I can't find anyone to fix it. Some cross stitch patterns I'm done with, a bunch of pens, and some paper I don't need - going in the recycle/to school/bin.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Books in

This is a set of three mysteries (the Aurora Teagarden series) and one other book with an awesome title. These were ordered as part of a Book People (discount book company in the UK) order which also included a couple of cookbooks - you get free shipping if you spend a certain amount and the mysteries were £3 for all three. They won't go on my TBR list, as they are mysteries, which I get through very quickly.

May Declutter, Day 20: 20 items, 210 total

A real mixed bag today - some socks I never wear, a few bath bombs, etc, some cookbooks I don't really use (I only ever cook one recipe from the Gary Rhodes; I just photocopied that one. The other two came from charity shops in the first place, but I never use them.) - some various computery things, including a bunch of instruction manuals for phones we don't have, etc. Some empty phone boxes, headphones with only one working ear, and other things. It's amazing what you don't get rid of!

Friday, May 19, 2017

Book 42: The Haunted Hotel by Wilkie Collins

This was enjoyable, but not a patch on either The Moonstone (my favourite) or The Woman in White. It was set in Venice, which appeals to me, but actually, not a lot is really made of the Venetian setting, which seems a bit of a waste, in my opinion!

May declutter, day 19: 19 items, 190 total

Things from various sources today - some top trumps cards (charity shop), books (charity shop/my classroom at school) a couple of old flannels, three glasses cases (two with glasses no longer wearable by the person for whom they were prescribed, one empty but too small to fit anyone's glasses), an empty watch box, a couple of other things.

Dinner, 19/5/17: Cauliflower Steaks with Chimichurri Sauce (Niomi Smart)

We had this before and really enjoyed it - it was time for a revisit. I originally had planned it earlier in the week, then got held up at work due to a meeting, so it got bumped. Definitely one for our repertoire. 

Thursday, May 18, 2017

May Declutter, Day 18: 18 items, 171 total

Lots of bits and pieces today - some more things from Sarah's wardrobe (old coat, two skirts, a couple of cardigans) and some things from the living room - some colouring pencils (we have several sets of much nicer ones), a cool marble run toy which I will give to a friend with small kids, some folders and paper for recycling, a few empty containers, and generally other stuff which needs to go.  I'm sure I can manage the declutter, but it's harder this year because it's my third year - and because I'm generally good about getting rid of stuff through the year. Also, the weather has been terrible when I've had free time, so I've been unable to get into the shed, which is usually good for clearing out. I know there's loads of stuff in the drawers of old electronics and cables which can probably go, but I've not been able to psych myself into that one mentally yet...

Book in

This is the second in the trilogy I read the first of recently. Bought it online from AbeBooks (used book store marketplace) for a couple of quid. 

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

May Declutter, Day 17: 17 items, 153 total.

Four mugs which aren't particularly special, donated to school to make space for some recently acquired mugs which have more meaning (e.g. one from my recent trip to Florida, one from the Elbow concert in April). 

Some books which the kids are too old for, found lurking on a shelf. These can go to school for my class to enjoy - just about the right age for them.

Sarah got rid of some scarves she no longer wears, 

plus a denim shirt handed down (up? over? across?) from her sister, which she decided she won't wear after all. Not like she doesn't have several other denim shirts, let's face it.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Dinner, 16/5/17: Bang Bang Chicken

This is a firm family favourite - cooked chicken with cucumbers, spring onions and a tahini & peanut sauce, in duck pancakes. We can eat tons of  these. Usually the boys have a competition to see who can eat more. Or it feels that way, at least!

May Declutter, Day 16: 16 items,136 total.

Some more stuff from Alex - shoes which are too small, some swim suits shorts, 

a couple of t-shirts, 

loads of pairs of socks. 

And two books which were both good, but I won't read them again (and Geoff has read the one he's likely to read) so off to the charity shop they go.

Monday, May 15, 2017

May Declutter, Day 15: 15 items, 120 total.

Today's selection is pretty much pants - and I mean that literally. As I mentioned yesterday, the dang kid keeps growing - and outgrowing stuff. And being a boy, he doesn't bother to get rid of stuff that doesn't fit, he just shoves it to the back of his drawer...

Dinner, 15/5/17: Broccoli Pesto Pasta

Forgot to take a photo of this, though we've had it before, so I've blogged photos of it in the past. A quick, easy, tasty recipe which we all like. I used cheddar cheese as we had lots of that.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

May Declutter, Day 14: 14 items, 105 total

Today's selection starts with the hall cupboard, where we have some bags which aren't very useful for whatever reason (I still have a stash of more useful ones), 

a broken torch and an empty plastic case,

and a selection of candles which I don't display (and one which is pretty beat up & battered and just needs throwing away).

And then some stuff from Alex's room - I helped him go  through his drawers and get rid of clothes he's too big for - dang kid keeps growing!  This is two swimsuits and a couple of pairs of shorts.

Dinner, 14/5/17: Sausages, Oven Potatoes, Green Beans